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Revenue Boost in Less Than 6 Months

About Sheridans Cheesemongers

Sheridans Cheesemongers provides artisan cheeses and farmhouse foods to customers in its flagship stores on South Anne Street and at Dunnes Cornelscourt, across Ireland with concession stands in Dunnes nationwide,
and through an online store. With a history spanning almost 30 years, 
Sheridans Cheesemongers relies on marketing as a core part of their brand growth strategy.

Sign-Ups Without Actions

Sheridans Cheesemongers has a solid customer base, but they’ve never considered the full potential of email marketing. Despite having a sign-up box for customers to receive newsletters, Sheridans Cheesemongers sent out emails infrequently and only for seasonal campaigns. These emails never had an open rate of more than 20.47%.
“We have a newsletter sign up on the website since its launch, however the frequency of newsletters were few and far between.Laura Killeen, Head of Marketing, Sheridans Cheesemongers.

Stretching Resources

As with many SME businesses, Sheridans Cheesemongers has limited time and resources to allocate to marketing content and outreach. They needed a solution that helped them to share their stories, news, and promotions with their customer base to achieve excellent results while also maintaining a professional look and feel. That’s where Warbble came into the picture.

Introducing a Bespoke
Email Marketing Strategy

As with all our clients, we started by getting to know the team, products, and customers of Sheridans Cheesemongers. Their passion for cheese and artisanal products became clear immediately, and we knew we had to replicate this passion in our email marketing strategy. Sheridans Cheesemongers had been using MailChimp previously, but followed our advice and switched to Klaviyo for their email marketing.
Just under six months later, email marketing accounts for almost 10% of total revenue and continues to climb!

Keeping Customers Engaged With Campaigns

Sheridans Cheesemongers wanted to communicate with their customers so our team suggested sending out weekly emails promoting products, events, and other information that customers may find useful.
To date, 61.34% of email marketing revenue
comes from campaigns!
Every month, our team creates email campaigns based around current promotions and shares the details with eye-catching designs, cheesy copy, and suggestions to make life easier for customers. They no longer have to worry about what wine to serve with which cheese or what gift to get for Mother’s Day — the emails will have the perfect answer!

Campaign Examples

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A Brie-lliant Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Campaign

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign for Sheridans Cheesemongers gave newsletter subscribers 20% off everything on the website. 
We went with clean email designs that captured the offer concisely and promoted shopping early for Christmas gifts.
The email campaign (backed up by the abandoned cart flow) increased revenue for Black Friday and Cyber Monday by 14.86%!
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Unwrapping More Than €18,000 in Revenue With a Christmas & New Years Campaign

Artisanal products and gift hampers from Sheridans Cheesemongers are popular over the December holidays so our email campaigns were focused on providing helpful party suggestions and gift ideas.
With some clever wording and captivating designs, email marketing earned Sheridans Cheesemongers a celebratory €18,000+ in additional revenue.

Positive Peer Pressure

The collaboration between Sheridans Cheesemongers and has had additional benefits. Not only has Sheridans Cheesmongers experienced a continuous increase in revenue, they’ve also found that working with an external team helps them stay on track of inventory. 
The emails help them keep a steady pace within the promotional calendar and ensure the team stays ahead of the game.

“A positive outcome of working with an outside team is fresh ideas and energy, as well as a healthy amount of pressure to maintain standards which a lot of smaller companies don’t get.”
— Laura Killeen, Head of Marketing, Sheridans Cheesemongers.

A Perfect Pairing

Email marketing has become a critical component of the marketing strategy for Sheridans Cheesemongers and a key contributor to revenue. With a combination of email campaigns and flows, they are capturing an average of 10.79% additional revenue monthly.
Frequent A/B testing, alluring promotions, and an understanding of Sheridans Cheesemongers’ customers continues to reveal which emails customers like, allowing us to adjust the email marketing strategy accordingly. 
Email marketing revenue just keeps increasing, and we can’t wait to see where email marketing takes 
Sheridans Cheesemongers in the future!
Stop envisioning these results in your business. 
Let’s make it a reality!
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