Introducing Wonderment: The Proactive Customer Experience Platform.

Imagine you are the manager of a call centre talking to one of your customer support agents.

They are telling you about a frustrated customer who is still waiting for their package to be delivered. It was supposed to arrive yesterday afternoon, but it still hasn’t gotten to them yet. They called to find out when the delivery will take place and all the customer support agent could say was “I apologise for the inconvenience — there seems to be some kind of delay. It seems like the package will be delivered by late afternoon today.”

As the manager, you are cringing at the situation, but it doesn’t end there. The customer told the support agent that they needed the package yesterday and that they are terribly upset! The customer feels that the company should have done something to let them know about the delay in advance. You agree with the customer, so what are you going to do next? 

Well, that’s where Wonderment can help!

What is Wonderment?

Wonderment is a customer experience (CX) platform that provides centralised real-time order tracking, proactive notifications, and order fulfilment insights resulting in happier customers and a less stressed team because everyone can see what is happening without leaving the Wonderment platform.

All of this creates exceptional return on investment (ROI) rates when you choose to invest in Wonderment.

Happier customers is good business.

How to Get 23X ROI on Wonderment

So you could be wondering: Can one platform really increase your ROI drastically? The answer is YES! 

Merchants who use Wonderment experience an average of 23X ROI on their Wonderment investment. How does this happen? Let’s get into the details. 

Create Tracking Pages and Experiences

Wonderment empowers Shopify merchants to create customised tracking pages and experiences for their customers. This valuable feature allows customers to stay informed about the status and progress of their shipments. 

Whether customers access a dedicated tracking page or get updates delivered via email and SMS notifications, real-time order tracking enhances transparency and fosters a sense of confidence and satisfaction among your customers.

With Wonderment's user-friendly interface, you can design tracking pages that align with your brand aesthetics and provide a seamless and engaging experience.

Visually appealing and informative tracking pages will impress customers and reinforce your brand’s identity throughout the post-purchase journey. It also creates an opportunity for cross- and upselling as customers become more aware of everything your organisation offers them. With such a memorable experience, customers will continue to support your business which increases loyalty and revenue.

Send Delivery Alerts Proactively

In the introductory example, we demonstrated the frustration of customers when they don’t know what is happening with their delivery. Shipping issues happen sometimes, but addressing them promptly can help to maintain high customer satisfaction levels. Although this is only possible if your team is also aware of the delay.

Wonderment goes above and beyond by automatically alerting your team and your customers to potential shipping issues, such as stalled shipments, late deliveries, or packages returned to the sender. By receiving timely notifications, you can take proactive measures to resolve these issues before they impact customer satisfaction. 

A proactive approach demonstrates care and dedication to the needs of your customers while fostering loyalty and repeat business. This transparency and communication help alleviate any anxiety or uncertainty your customers may have. Proactive alerts allow your customers to customise their response, such as contacting the courier or updating their delivery preferences which minimises the impact on their overall experience. 

Reporting and Analytics

Wonderment also provides comprehensive reporting and analytics features that offer valuable insights into your customer’s journey.

Your team can access detailed reports on order tracking, customer communication, and customer satisfaction, and use this data to identify trends, track performance metrics, and gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviour. Armed with these insights, you can make informed decisions to optimise your operations, refine customer experience strategies, and drive continuous improvement.

Send Emails and SMSs With Ease

Wonderment integrates seamlessly with email and SMS channels and software so you can communicate with customers effectively. For example, you can integrate Klaviyo and Wonderment to automate email and SMS notifications.

Through automated email and SMS notifications, you can keep customers informed at every stage of the order lifecycle — it could be an order confirmation, shipment updates, or delivery notifications. By using Wonderment, you ensure your customers receive timely and relevant information through their preferred communication channel allowing you to  provide a personalised touch and strengthen customer relationships.

Seamless Integrations

If your business is like many others, then you probably prioritise digital transformation which means you have several items in your tech stack. Luckily, Wonderment integrates seamlessly with other popular Shopify apps like Postscript, further expanding its functionality and enabling you to create a holistic and comprehensive customer experience.

With these integrations, you can increase personalisation, enhance customer support, and target marketing efforts, resulting in more meaningful interactions and improved customer loyalty.

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Adding Even More Value

By this stage, you can already understand why Wonderment is beneficial for your business, but it also has other advantages.

Increase Revenue by 20%

With Wonderment, you can significantly improve customer retention and maximise revenue because you offer a seamless post-purchase journey that encourages repeat purchases in the future. In fact, many businesses that use Wonderment experience an increase in same-month repeat purchases of 20%.

Wonderment's real-time tracking, proactive alerts, and personalised communication contribute to a positive customer experience which increases loyalty and reduces the likelihood of customers seeking alternative options. By retaining customers, you can secure a steady revenue stream and reduce the costs associated with acquiring new customers — it’s something that every business owner knows is essential.

Reduce Order Query Tickets by 40%

Wonderment's proactive alerts and automated notifications alleviate the burden on your customer support team because mundane tasks are automated and they have the necessary information to provide excellent service at their fingertips.

By empowering customers with timely information and solutions, you can minimise the number of support inquiries related to order tracking and delivery. With Wonderment, business experience 40% fewer “where is my order” tickets which demonstrates the efficacy of the platform. 

Shipment stalled.

When this happens, you free up your customer support agents to focus on more complex issues and provide personalised assistance to customers who require additional support. Improved customer support leads to higher customer satisfaction and strengthens the brand-customer relationship.

Wonderment Helps Businesses

Anybody that works in ecommerce knows it can be tough to keep customers happy, engage a team, make a profit, and keep costs at a minimum. All of these concerns are addressed in some way by Wonderment.

The features of Wonderment have been developed specifically to enhance customer satisfaction through clear communication and a more transparent order fulfilment experience. With increased satisfaction, businesses can expect higher customer loyalty and an increased likelihood of repeat purchases.

Wonderment automates the process of notifying customers about shipping issues which reduces the burden on customer support agents. Your team is responsible for fewer manual interventions so they can allocate their time and efforts toward more important work, and as a result, you can reduce support costs while maintaining a high level of customer service.

Wonderment Engages Teams

Teams love Wonderment because it makes their work more meaningful. They get an opportunity to understand business processes better and communicate with other departments leading to enhanced efficiency and better employee morale.

Improved Communication

Wonderment acts as a central hub for teams and facilitates better communication between team members.

The Wonderment platform becomes a unified location for tracking orders and communicating with customers while also streamlining workflows and enhancing collaboration. Teams can easily access and update order information, ensuring a more efficient and productive working environment.

Increased Visibility

The detailed reports on order tracking, customer communication, and customer satisfaction gives your team greater insight into customers’ post-purchase journey. These insights allow your team to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions that enhance customer experience. 

Your team can pinpoint bottlenecks or gaps in the process and devise strategies to optimise operations and elevate the overall customer journey. Doing so empowers them to do their work well while maintaining a customer-centric approach.

Automating Tasks

Wonderment automates repetitive tasks such as order tracking and customer communication which reduces the manual workload for your team. By automating these routine activities, your team can focus their time and energy on more strategic and creative tasks that utilise their unique skills and expertise to add value to your business.

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By providing real-time tracking information, Wonderment ensures that your customers stay informed about the status of their orders at all times, fostering a sense of trust and satisfaction. With automated alerts, you can promptly address any potential shipping issues, guaranteeing a seamless delivery experience and minimising customer frustrations.

Moreover, Wonderment's robust analytics and reporting capabilities equip you with invaluable insights into every order, enabling you to identify patterns, optimise processes, and continuously enhance the customer journey.

Say goodbye to reactive approaches and unlock the power of proactive CX with Wonderment, your key to building long-lasting customer loyalty.




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