4 Signs You Need to Switch to Klaviyo.

Email marketing is a big part of any marketing strategy, that’s undeniable. But, email marketing can be challenging! You have to build an email list, create campaigns and content, send out emails, and cross your fingers that the email doesn’t bounce or land up in spam.

The last thing you need is to struggle with your email automation platform. Your choice of digital tools is one thing you can control! What platform are you using currently? Are you using one at all?

Whether you are unhappy with your current platform or need to start from scratch, it could be time to switch to Klaviyo.

  1. You Want More Personalised Communication

Personalised communication has become the foundation of every email strategy. Customers want personalised emails with product recommendations and advice that is relevant to them; they don’t want a generic email that’s sent to the masses.

Statistics support the use of personalised emails: 20% more people open them and revenue can be 5.7 times higher when compared to generic emails. That’s more than enough reason for personalisation.

At a minimum, your email marketing platform should allow you to personalise emails with subscriber’s names and product suggestions. If it doesn’t, or if you want even more personalisation abilities, then you need to switch to Klaviyo.

With Klaviyo, you have advanced segmentation capabilities that allow you to create customised flows and messages using drag-and-drop tools. Amp it up even more by developing specific parameters that find the most suitable product suggestions for customers.

Even though email flows are more generic, Klaviyo still allows you to personalise them by using segmentation data. With the right set up, you can send engaging messages to customers no matter where they are in the buying journey. For example, a cart abandonment email can show a customer exactly what they left behind and encourage them to checkout. It’s all about talking to your customers and reminding them of their intended purchase, rather than talking at them.


  1. You’ve Outgrown Your Current Platform

When you first searched for an email platform, you chose the one that was best for you. As your business grows, you may feel that it’s no longer meeting your needs or there might be restrictions that prevent you from getting the most out of your email marketing strategy.

It’s possible that your current service provider doesn’t have the capability to grow with your email volume, they might not give you the metrics you need, or you could struggle with building flows. Don’t let this stop you — switch to Klaviyo.

Klaviyo already has a built-in database that scales with your business and growing subscriber list. It also has a large storage capacity, allows for data ingestion, and remains fast no matter how much you use it.

The platform offers many integrations (some of them pre-built) so that you can integrate customer data from various sources. For example, you can integrate Klaviyo with Shopify or Square Online. The more customer data you have, the more personalised your customer communication becomes.

  1. You Need More Support 

Getting used to a new platform can take a lot of time, especially if you haven’t used an email automation platform before. Your only option is to reach out for support, be it onboarding, training, or by logging support tickets. It can feel like you are wasting your time or you might not have enough time to wait for a customer support person to help you. These situations can be even more irritating if the problem is small.

When you switch to Klaviyo, these concerns are a thing of the past. Klaviyo has put various support services in place to ensure you get the most out of the platform. The support team is available via email and chat all day, every day. Yes, that is 24/7 support for 365 days of the year.

If you are in the United States or United Kingdom, then you can access local Klaviyo support services too. You can get help in real-time and have your emails sent at your earliest convenience.

Larger accounts (those spending more than $1,500) get customised support from a customer success manager. Additionally, a solutions architect is also available to help you with technical issues.

You can also get support from your peers by accessing community forums. Here, you can ask a question and other users who have faced a similar problem will let you know what solution worked for them.

Of course, we are always available to answer all your Klaviyo and email marketing questions. As Klaviyo experts, we can assist you with everything from setting up your account to sending emails to your subscriber base. We’ll even send you performance reports so that you stay on top of what’s happening with your account.


  1. You Want an Easy-to-Use Tool

Some people find it difficult to use email automation tools. Do you? It’s possible that you have trouble with building emails and flows, integrating with other solutions, or finding the reports you need. Even once you are familiar with a platform, any changes or updates can make it a challenge to work as efficiently as you want.

The business world is complicated already, your email marketing platform doesn’t have to be. A switch to Klaviyo gives you access to a user-friendly interface built with customers in mind.

Setting up your account is simple. It does take some time to build your subscriber base and get flows ready, but once that is done, you can send out your first email within minutes.

If you are moving over from another platform, then you can migrate your data quickly and easily. The plethora of integrations allows you to merge complex systems without requiring an abundance of technical expertise.

Klaviyo has a library filled with common automations. There are website pop-ups, forms, and analytics options that you can customise to your liking. The library of pre-set email flows and the email flow builder allows you to streamline processes and gives you an opportunity to push your products in a way that works for your customers.


Klaviyo also takes it one step further and makes it easy for you to measure your email marketing performance in comparison to competitors and other participants in your industry. You can set benchmarks and adapt your strategy according to these insights.

Another way Klaviyo makes email automation easier is by giving you access to its free self-serve resources. The help centre offers tutorials to set up and use Klaviyo, regardless of whether you need help with something basic or more advanced features. You can take it a step further by doing Klaviyo certifications or joining live training sessions.

Make the Switch to Klaviyo

Are you ready to switch to a new email service provider? The four signs above are reason enough to make the change, but let’s make the decision even easier: Does your email provider currently meet your needs? If the answer is no, then it’s unlikely that it will meet your needs as you grow. It’s definitely time to move on.

A switch to Klaviyo is an investment in the future of your business — we can help you to make the change seamlessly, set up your account, and get flows in place so that you can see results sooner.

A decision to change email platforms allows you to maximise your email marketing strategy, grow your business, and delight your customers. That’s success!

Let us make it happen for you!





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