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We get it – you want to get the most out of your HubSpot account, without spending hours trying to figure it all out. You want to utilise time as best you can to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth, whilst still knowing how to use HubSpot to its best ability.

And let’s be honest, you really don’t have the time to weed through remedial HubSpot tasks and neither does the rest of the team. You simply need a little HubSpot support and guidance to speed up the learning process so that you can see the results you want from one of the best performing marketing platforms around.

Getting bang for buck on your HubSpot account

There are an infinite amount of exciting HubSpot tools to use on a day-to-day basis. Of course, the real value of any great marketing tool is its ability to improve efficiency, align with the company’s goals, integrate with existing tools, and most importantly help maximize time.

That’s why we want to share some of the best HubSpot hacks for time-saving so that you can get back to working on the important stuff. Here are a few of the best features in HubSpot’s Marketing Hub.

Customise your dashboard

Did you know that your sales and marketing dashboards can automatically generate up to 10 different reports from different accounts? If you’re feeling blindfolded about your data, you can customise dashboards in whatever way that makes sense to you. Move the most important data up to the top and remove or move the least important to the bottom. 

Perhaps you’d like to focus on a particular area. In that case, you can add, move and resize reports as you see fit. Customising the HubSpot reporting dashboard makes it easy to analyse the data you need on a daily basis for close monitoring.

Set up automatic email reports

The proof is always in the data. That’s why it’s so important that all team members analyse it regularly over and above what they find on their daily dashboard, and make changes accordingly.

With the automated email reports function, you can send weekly HubSpot reports to your team, or choose a specific time and date to send certain reports. HubSpot automatically generates the report on the day specified and will send it off to the team indicated.

What we love about this feature is that email recipients don’t need to be HubSpot users to view the report, meaning you can send this data to anyone working outside of HubSpot such as a Managing Director or other departments requesting data. This can help your team understand what conversion rate optimisation tips are working, what isn’t working, and so much more.

Automate workflows to save time

Task automation is a game-changer for marketers and HubSpot makes it so easy to get started. Daily tasks and activities (internal or external) can be reduced, all with the help of workflows. 

Whether it is automation for email nurture campaigns, list building and segmentation, routing leads to sales, applying lead scores, assigning or re-assigning properties or even sending internal notifications – workflow automation removes the time-consuming manual labour tasks, whilst providing better experiences for customers and prospects. Another exciting feature is that workflows can integrate with tools like LinkedIn, Zoom and Slack making it even easier to monitor the automation.

With all your newly found free time, you can focus on scaling teams and increasing responsibilities that will help the business grow even more.

Utilise email automation as best you can

Email marketing is one of the highest converting marketing tools out there, so understanding how to use it is crucial for the success of most businesses, especially e-commerce.

HubSpot offers so many email capabilities from within the platform, making it so much easier to integrate with the rest of your marketing efforts. By using email automation workflows, you can send bulk emails with personalisation tokens, calls-to-action, links and images, as well as test it all across different devices before hitting send.

Oh, and you can forget about coding with an easy “drag and drop” editor and multiple templates to choose from. Plus, you can analyse your email metrics right from within the platform with the HubSpot reporting tool that can give you data on bounce rate, unsubscribes, open rate and click-through rates.

Track and monitor your paid ads

Tired of having a different platform to track different aspects of your marketing campaign? HubSpot integrates with your paid ads to help analyse the performance of Linkedin, Facebook and Google Ads.

With this integration, seeing daily performance metrics, maintenance and attribution couldn’t be easier, especially for team members that don’t know the ins and outs of Google Analytics. Although you can analyse PPC conversion rate and so much more, you will still need to go into ads manager and Google Analytics to manage the ads.

What is incredible about the HubSpot Ads add on is that by linking your paid ads to HubSpot, you can track the interaction back to any contact records you have in your HubSpot CRM already. This further helps the attribution process.

Upload multiple batches of tweets

Monitoring Twitter is a full-time job as any community manager will tell you. The social media platform moves fast on news and to stay in the loop of it, and keep relevant, one needs to be constantly posting.

HubSpot has made it easy to schedule Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter posts with the publishing tools, but they’ve also gone one step ahead to help you send out multiple tweets a day. That’s right, there is no need to schedule each tweet individually, simply batch-upload them straight from excel. Here is a useful guide on how to do it.

Get the HubSpot support you need

Don’t have the team capacity or time to learn all there is to know about HubSpot? Sure, you might be able to navigate the basics but perhaps you’d like to focus on other more important tasks, whilst still getting the most out of your investment. Or perhaps you think HubSpot is just too complex to understand and your team is feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to use HubSpot in the first place.

What you need is a HubSpot expert to partner with that can help you navigate the areas you are unsure of. We’re here to give you the HubSpot support you need whether it is conversion optimization tips, campaign support, HubSpot training, help with landing pages or buyer personas, best practices or task requests – we’ll be the right-hand team that you can lean on for whatever extra support you might need. Did we mention we are a HubSpot Gold partner too?

How Our HubSpot Monthly Consulting Works

Our dedicated team has the time, expertise and know-how to assist you in getting the most out of your account, with HubSpot monthly consulting. Simply put, we help existing HubSpot customers who have invested a lot of time, money, and internal resources into using HubSpot, but are not getting enough leads each month.

Delegate all your HubSpot work to us, at a fraction of the cost that it would be to spend the time in-house trying to figure it out. We want you to focus on other areas, whilst we get the work done for you faster.

We’ve made the process so simple too:

  1. First, let’s chat to better understand your company, current HubSpot situation, existing skills, and your ongoing HubSpot needs.
  2. Once you decide on a subscription plan that suits you best, you can submit requests as needed, based on your quarterly goals.
  3. After we have completed a task, you will get a review notification. Request as many changes as you want and we'll revise until it's perfect.

Our HubSpot support is designed to help you stay on top of the tools you know, whilst learning more about other HubSpot tools that can optimise your results. So stop spending precious time trying to figure out how to use Hubspot and bring someone off the bench that can push the boundaries of what you already know.

To learn more about our HubSpot monthly consulting and what is included, click here

Written by Kirsti Rivett

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