Klaviyo for Square Online: Unlock More Sales & Revenue


Do you have a store run by Square Online? Then you definitely need Klaviyo!

With the integration of Klaviyo and Square Online, you can unlock a whole new world of sales and revenue potential. Whether your business operates in-store, online, or both, this powerful combination enables you to communicate and engage with customers through personalised email marketing.

By pulling data from your Square Online store, Klaviyo allows you to have all your customer and business data in one place, giving you a complete picture of every customer. With pre-built email flows and the ability to segment customers into targeted groups, Klaviyo and Square Online make it easier than ever to nurture customer retention and increase sales.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the benefits of this integration and how to get started with the integration process.

Benefits of Integration

When you integrate Klaviyo and Square Online, you can  elevate your marketing game through personalised email marketing across your owned marketing channels. It doesn’t matter whether your business happens in-store, online, or both, it’s possible to communicate with and engage your customers by sending tailored content that boosts your sales and retention rates.

Customer Data in One Place

One of the greatest challenges when it comes to a tech stack is that every platform captures customer and business data, but it isn’t in one place. Except if your chosen platform can integrate with each other — that’s the case with Klaviyo and Square online.

Klaviyo pulls data from your Square Online store so everything is in one place. This makes it easier than ever to get a complete picture of every customer, including both their in-store and online purchases.

Fast, Intuitive Integration 

Klaviyo makes it easy to integrate with Square Online. It’s possible to synchronise all your past and real-time data without any special technical support. The entire process takes only a few minutes, allowing you to harness the power of integrated data quickly.

Pre-built Flows 

Once you’ve integrated your Square Online store with Klaviyo, make use of the pre-built flows to create powerful emails that will engage customers at every touchpoint. Whether it’s a thank you email sent after an in-store purchase or an abandoned cart email that encourages a customer to complete an online purchase, Klaviyo will help to nurture retention and increase sales.

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Understand Customers Better

Customers will support your business if they feel that you are looking out for them and addressing their needs, but to do that, you need to know your customers as well as possible. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done.

Customers don’t always want to give you their personal information, but you can get a lot of data when you combine their online and in-store activity by integrating Klaviyo and Square Online.

By centralising the data, customer profiles can be fleshed out properly. As you gather more details, it becomes easier to segment your customers into similar groups, which enables the sending of highly targeted messages to the right customers.

How to Integrate Klaviyo and Square Online

It’s easy to connect your Square Online store with your Klaviyo account. By searching for the Square integration within Klaviyo and following some easy steps, the two platforms can be integrated almost instantly. All the details can be found on Klaviyo’s page to get started with Square Online.

Data Syncing Made Easy

Once you’ve completed the integration between Klaviyo and Square Online, all data should sync automatically. Klaviyo will pull in a bunch of different information that you can see in the “Data” tab, including known site visitors, email subscribers (and unsubscribes), profile information, order information, refunds, and so on.

Of course, Klaviyo can only use data for a specific customer if it has their associated details. If a customer signs up online or makes a purchase on your website, then Klaviyo already has those details, and the customer profile will be created successfully. However, customers who make purchases in-store will need to provide you with their email address or phone number so that Klaviyo can capture their details and subsequent events.

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What To Do Next

Now that your platforms are integrated and data is synced, it’s time to set up some of the basics so that Klaviyo can start doing its work. Start with creating a sign-up form and automating essential email flows.

Creating Sign-Up Forms

The easiest way to collect customer email addresses is to add a sign-up form to your website. A sign-up form gives customers a chance to opt-in to getting communication from you; it’s a huge opportunity to market to them because you already know they want to hear from you.

Within Klaviyo, you can create popup, flyout, and full page forms that will be displayed on your Square Online site once you publish it. 

Automated Flows

Flows are a Klaviyo tool that you can set up in advance to send emails when customers take specific actions.

For an online store, you might create a welcome flow to welcome customers once they sign up to newsletters. When a customer makes a purchase, you could send them a thank you message or shipping confirmation email.

The same goes for customers making in-store purchases, although the emails will have a slightly different message. For example, you can still thank a customer for making an in-store purchase. If they provide an email address in-store, it could initiate a welcome email flow and even add a link to your online store to encourage purchases there.  

Why You Need Marketing Automations

Klaviyo and Square Online both make it easier than ever to improve your business processes.

Saving Time

Both platforms allow you to automate some parts of your business, such as Square Online updating the inventory list when a customer makes a purchase, and Klaviyo sending pre-scheduled emails.

Saving time is just one thing that marketing automations help with, but time is money, so essentially, these platforms are cost-saving tools. They are also important for other reasons.

Addressing Customer Needs

When you use Klaviyo and Square Online, you get to know your customers better which allows you to create tailored solutions that resonate with them.

For example, your sales data may reveal that a customer buys a specific product at roughly the same time every month. You could then send a replenishment email a few days in advance of their normal purchase time to encourage them to place an order; you could even suggest some complementary products.

Increasing Revenue

The biggest reason to use marketing automations is to increase revenue. If you can save time, decrease costs, and satisfy customer needs better, then it’s highly likely that your business will experience increased sales resulting in a revenue boost.


Klaviyo and Square Online are both excellent business tools, but together, they are even more powerful. The benefits of combining the two platforms are undeniable: Happier customers, updated data, and increased revenue. Isn’t that what every business is after?

If you have a Square Online store then you shouldn’t be delaying marketing automations any longer. It’s time for you to harness the power of Klaviyo!

Are you tired of wasting time and resources on marketing campaigns that don’t convert? Let our team of Klaviyo experts help you get the most from your tech stack.

We’re ready to engage your audience and drive sales. Contact us now!



Written by Greg Furlong

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