HubSpot is One of the Top Marketing Platforms, Haven’t You Heard?

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We just can’t get enough of HubSpot, as I’m sure you know. But perhaps you’re not sure why.

Simply put, it’s an easy, all-in-one marketing platform that can combine all of your current software and systems in a way that’s easy to use and track. From website content management systems, blogging, social media, email marketing, to analytics, CRM systems, landing pages and call to action tools, it’s really all you need. And it’s no wonder HubSpot has been ranked the best inbound marketing platform in the world.

Not only has it just been awarded the 2019 Top Rated Marketing Automation Software, it also scooped up 9th place for G2's Best Software Companies, among companies like Google and Microsoft, and first place for Best Marketing Analytics Software.

Whether you’re a small business or big company, HubSpot really is a platform that won’t disappoint. In just a few short weeks, you’ll easily see the value it offers, especially when you start seeing your business grow.

Here are some of the reasons why we think HubSpot is in a league of its own.


All-in-one tool

Forget using LastPass, with an all-in-one tool, you’ll only ever need to remember one login. You can do everything from one place. Seriously.

Yes, that means you can create and design landing pages, email sequences, blogs and forms, to name just a few. It's all designed to help you grow your traffic and conversions.

You can even plug in all your social media accounts and monitor, respond and schedule all your posts right from the platform. Or how about not needing to log into all your social accounts just to see what’s trending? You can join the conversation straight from HubSpot, and even listen in on your competitors.

Design everything on your website with the easy drag-and-drop functionality, that doesn't require experienced design skills or a coder to use.


Sit back with automation

You’ve got a lot on your plate as a marketing manager or business owner. HubSpot knows this and that’s why it’s designed to help you grow by removing mundane tasks from your to-do list with automation.

Use workflows to automate marketing actions, so that your business can work for itself while you get down to other crucial business. For example, you can let your email lists be built themselves based on any criteria you indicate, such as lead scores or position.

The best part is that you can automate as much as you want. Put in the hard work to get those workflows in place and then once it’s done, watch it work for itself.

Nurture your leads like never before

That leads us into how HubSpot can nurture your leads.

One fantastic way to nurture leads is by using HubSpot’s Smart CTA tool. This is built into your website with the Content Optimisation System (COS) and is designed to personalise each unique visitor’s experience on your site.

You can create content for these visitors based on what they’ve already seen on the site, so that you can serve them something else. Or you can create content based on their location, type of device or even their language.

Pretty cool, right?

Sales and marketing under one roof

Yes, you heard right. Despite contrary belief, sales and marketing can (and should) work hand-in-hand.

The marketing team works hard at collecting leads, especially with the tools HubSpot has to offer. It only makes sense that the sales system deals with those leads directly from the platform. 

The HubSpot Sales tool presents your leads as a profile and integrates with your email so that you can follow-up with and nurture hot leads. You’ll receive insights based on your emails and browser, will receive a notification once an email is read, as well as be able to schedule emails to suitable times.


Final thoughts

The benefits HubSpot has to offer is a never-ending list. It's really all about maximising your inbound marketing efforts whilst simplifying them at the same time. You'd be surprised how it can be tailored per business too.

The platform does however, come at a price. But when you put things into perspective, your team is probably already using several different marketing applications at once which can be just as expensive.

For us, the convenience of not having to juggle several different marketing applications, plus all the value HubSpot can add, as well as watching it help businesses grow, makes it all worth it.

Book a meeting with us to discuss some of your marketing challenges, and we’ll let you know how our team of HubSpot experts can help. Or for more interesting content on inbound marketing, and marketing challenges, head over to our blog.

Written by Kirsti Rivett

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