Five Ways To Boost Your Business’s Sales With HubSpot Sales Hub


HubSpot Sales Hub is an integration that can help improve your sales reps performance. How exactly? Well, simply put, to have everyone on the same page, you need the right tools.

What is usually behind the right tools is the right data. With HubSpot Sales Hub, you can uncover the reasons behind why your top sales reps keep closing deals and why others don’t. Most importantly, you can empower your sales team to close more deals, in less time.

Imagine a system that could integrate with your marketing efforts and uncover how many emails are being sent, how many calls are made, the structure of those calls, and the accuracy of sales forecasts. Or perhaps you want to give your team the tools that can help them prioritise their tasks and prospects, understand their leads better and automate time-consuming admin tasks. You can enjoy all of this and more with HubSpot Sales Hub, all while freeing up your sales team’s time to sell even more.

Here are a few of our favourite features from Hubspot Sales Hub that will help to close more sales and increase productivity.

Create sequences for better and more frequent engagements

If your team is not engaging properly with new prospects, you can assist them by setting up sequences which are a series of emails and tasks that are triggered by specific actions. 

Use the analytics to optimise your sequence to what prospects are responding to best. Essentially this helps automate sales outreach and helps the team nurture leads better and more frequently than they could do on their own. Task sequences can also help keep the team accountable and remind them of anything outstanding that is needed to help move prospects towards closing.

Here’s a great guide to creating email sequences.

Reduce time spent on admin with workflow automation

With Hubspot Sales automation, you can automate those annoying tasks that often take a lot longer than they should and most of the time get neglected too. Create workflows that will help reduce the chance of human error, as well as increase productivity and efficiency.

What can you automate? Just about anything really, but our favourites are lead rotation, changing property values and handovers.

For example:

For lead scoring, if a lead is not ready to buy just yet, add them to a specific list or trigger a sequence that will help take them further along the buyer’s journey. Or if a deal is about to sign, notify team members ahead of time so that workloads can be organised and all necessary departments can prepare for their onboarding.

To become a master in workflow automation, you can do HubSpot’s certification on understanding workflows.

Track sales activities and analyse results

It’s often difficult to see what activity sales reps have been getting up to. HubSpot’s data pulls through reports that are enormously helpful in understanding the sales process and how much (or how little) activity is going on.

The reports can show data such as deals won, deals created, number of meetings, number of calls made and the number of emails that are being sent. Of course, a bit of healthy team competition is never a bad thing, and with this kind of data, you have visibility of which team members have the best conversion rate, most deals closed, who is close to closing and so much more.

Revenue is also an extremely important metric to report on – if not the most important metric, whether it’s deals that are closed or in the pipeline. What’s great is that custom dashboards can also be created for other departments who might be requesting the data.

We found this ebook incredibly helpful: The Ultimate Guide to Sales Metrics: What to Track, How to Track It, & Why

Use video to receive a higher response rate

Unfortunately, many prospects have learnt to recognise a sales pitch, even if it is personalised. In order to increase the likelihood of a response from a prospect, you’ve got to raise the bar.

According to HubSpot, “sales reps that use video in prospecting, relationship-building, and sales emails see 5x higher open rates and 8x higher open-to-reply rates.”

It’s a different way of approaching that is sure to get their attention. The HubSpot video tool gives your sales team the ability to create personal videos from within a contact record, all of which can be tracked within HubSpot Sales Hub.

When composing an email, click ‘insert’ on the bottom menu, ‘video’ and ‘new video’ if you would like to create a personal video right there on the spot. It’s that simple.

Use compelling Email templates

Did you know that according to MailChimp, the average email open rate for all industries is around 21.33%? How can you expect deals to close if prospects aren’t even opening your emails? That’s why it’s crucial to have a compelling subject line that encourages the reader to open the email instead of sending it straight to the trash.

Email templates are a game-changer for any sales rep and you can create different types of templates for different industries, scenarios, follow-ups, or more. For inspiration when creating yours, here are 10 HubSpot sales email templates that have 60% or higher open rates.


Getting started with HubSpot Sales Hub

We could go on about how incredible the HubSpot Sales enterprise tools are for days but it would likely be a very long read for you. However, we’d like to leave you with a few other tools to think about.

  • Chatbots can help qualify your leads.
  • Playbooks can structure your sales reps calls and meetings.
  • Integrating your calendar with HubSpot makes it easier for prospects to meet with you.

Are you doing a lot of the above-mentioned tactics but still not getting enough leads? Perhaps all you need is some monthly assistance in a few areas of HubSpot’s constantly evolving platform.

With years of HubSpot experience behind our backs, our team has mastered every tool on the platform and helped hundreds of clients go from average to thriving. Our monthly consulting service is designed to help you stay on top of the tools you know, whilst learning more about other HubSpot tools that can optimise your results. Let us handle your HubSpot Sales Hub and marketing portal, while you handle the company’s growth.

 Chat to us today about HubSpot pricing and our monthly consulting packages.

Written by Kirsti Rivett

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