Twitter blocks bulk posting: What you need to know

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Keeping Twitter free from spam has become a top priority, and one of the most common spam violations is the use of multiple accounts in an attempt to artificially amplify or inflate certain Tweets. 

Twitter prohibits any attempt to use automation to post what may be considered as spam. As such they have put in place some new policies that we want to make sure you are aware of, and let you know how they will affect Warbble, to avoid disrupting your content calendar.

Who does this affect?

Anyone who has more than one Twitter account connected to Warbble either now or in the future.

What do you need to do?

If you have multiple Twitter accounts we recommend that you check your content calendar to see if you have any similar tweets scheduled to more than one of them, including and after March 23rd.

As long as you're sending unique messages to each Twitter account, even if they are sent out at the same time on the same date, you are fine. This update specifically relates to messages which have the same or similar content being sent to multiple Twitter accounts at the same time.

Why does it matter to take action now?

The change is happening tomorrow, March 23rd. If you have duplicate scheduled tweets on or after this date and these do not comply with the rules, they will bounce.

Which services and features will change?

New tweets: Composing posts can now only be scheduled to one Twitter account at a time. Identical or similar tweets can not be duplicated across accounts.

When you send a post using the New Post page, if you have more than one Twitter account connected, you will see a radio button option rather than the usual tick box. This change will allow you to send to one account at a time.

Retweeting: Sharing is encouraged by Twitter as long as it’s meaningful. You can still retweet a tweet natively from other Twitter accounts you manage on your Social Feeds page.

This change is all in an effort to help protect your Twitter accounts from conflicting with Twitter Rules and Policy. If you have any questions or want to discuss any other matters, send us a mail on sam@clients.warbble-development.com. 

Written by Jarrud Van Der Merwe

I proactively seek out solutions for growth. I have spent the past ten years positioning myself in job roles, across multiple industries, that has driven me to find creative ways of smashing my client’s sales goals

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